This is our Newest Addition to our Library collection  This custom design with the slanted tops.  Large capacity inside storage, clear Lexan front door.  We have a limited quantity of these boxes so don't delay.

**Please Note**  All libraries are now sent with chain hole "plugs" installed for weather proofing. These can be removed if customer wants to chain box to some object. Upcycled Sidewalk Library boxes made out of retired newspaper box. 


Box is refurbished, primed, and coated with fresh paint. Includes 2 "Sidewalk Library" side decals and a front "take a book, leave a book" decal on the box. 


If you want to create custom decals please see our other listings.


All newspaper boxes are completely weather-proof.  These boxes were designed for the streets, they can withstand it all.


Our repurposed newspaper boxes are an eco-friendly option to the alternative wooden library.  And by choosing one of our recycled sidewalk libraries, you are keeping 40 pounds of metal out of a landfill. 


The door opening is 17" across by 17" tall.  The box is 13" deep.  The paper stack inside is approximately 20".
Height - 42"
Width - 17 3/4"
Depth - 14 3/4"

Weight is 40 pounds.


For added security, you can chain the boxes up or put weight inside of them. We sell brackets in our store as well. 


For more ideas visit or IG @impact_racks

Sidewalk Library Custom Design